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louise bourgeois . untitled [hanging woman]

louise bourgeois . untitled [hanging woman]


puzahki . last boss level [free]

- - bass, electronic, experimental, free, glitch

The attention to detail on Brisbane-based Puzahki‘s new record Minutiae is pretty phenomenal. It’s littered with tiny intricacies, found sounds and unorthodox production techniques, throwing up surprises at every turn – even the spaces between the beats seem to glitter with hidden treasures.

This awesomely titled track ‘Last Boss Level’ is an arpeggiated and glitched-out workout from start to finish; a wicked jam that definitely stands-out on the album. Enjoy a free download of Minutiae via Puzahki‘s Bandcamp page.

For fans of: Kowton, Dro Carey, Cassius Select,