brock van wey . a heart of darkness

- - ambient, dream, electronic, experimental

This twenty-minute track is absolutely sublime. One of my favourites of the year.

Put your headphones on and let the Eno-esque ambience take you away. 

Swim yourself through the rest of Detroit-based Brock Van Wey‘s brilliant 2014 LP Home, via the artist’s bandcamp page.

For fans ofBrian Eno, Kyson, TORA


fulgeance and dj scientist . moscow nightlife

- - beats, hip hop, instrumental, jazzy, psychedelic

First Word Records delivers some heat with the first release by newly formed duo of French producer Fulgeance and DJ Scientist from Berlin.

Scientist is renowned as one of Germany’s most prolific record collectors. Trawling through his extensive collection he dug out a haul of rare samples for Fulgeance, MPC virtuoso and one half of Souleance, who transformed the source material into one of the most exciting projects on the First World label so far: The pair’s debut album, ‘The Soviet Tape’, is set for release later this year.

Bonus points if you can pick the main sample in ‘Moscow Nightlife’!

For fans ofMadlib, Knxwledge, Tall Black Guy