sampa the great . blue boss

- - hip hop, jazzy

Without wanting to sound clichéd, Sampa the Great is destined for huge things. A must listen for any Madlib fans.

For fans ofMadlib, Knxwledge, Flying Lotus

thomas william . sleepwalk

- - electronic, experimental, minimal

Sydney experimental artist Thomas William‘s latest cut is his moodiest (and grooviest) yet. A shadowy tune perfect for a sidewalk stroll on a cloudy day.

For fans of: Aphex Twin, Autechre, Luke Vibert

ziga murko . casablanca

- - beats, dreaming, experimental, glitch, jazzy

Young jazz cat and trombonist Ziga Murko arrives with new EP Glow. 

A lo-fi hip hop record, full of noise and distortion of magnetic tapes and dusty record needles. The EP is a jazz musician’s hommage to (and an archaeology of) the slow soul jam era of the 70s and 80s. At the same time it is also an anachronistic production tools workout and a jazzy tribute (co)created with VCRs, cassette decks and MPCs.


For fans of: Hubert Clarke Jr., Flying Lotus, Shigeto