various artists . mono no aware (compilation)

Perfectly curated ambient compilation on the PAN label. Features unreleased ambient tracks from a long list of familiar and unknown artists. A must listen.

For fans of: Visible Cloaks, Yves Tumor, Holger Czukay


Feature Image: Antonio Frasconi Moon (plate, folio 14) from Oda a Lorca (1962)

ahmed malek & flako . tape 12 track 1

- - electronic, film music, weird, world

For fans of: Oneohtrix Point Never, Darkside, Elysia Crampton


Feature Image: Bill Viola Chott el-Djerid (A Portrait in Light and Heat) (1979) [Film]

gussy . looking at myself

- - breakfast, electronic, relax

For fans of: Arthur Russel, Alex Cameron, Moses Sumney


Feature Image: Patrick Caulfield Bathroom Mirror (1968)